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Come see us!

JPS Health Network is working to make lives better by providing quality access to health care and we want everyone to see us in action. Please consider joining us for a tour of John Peter Smith Hospital.

You’ll meet people who care for our patients each day and visit emergency services at our Level I Trauma Center, where we care for those who are seriously injured and sick.

The free tours are organized by the JPS Foundation. Sign up on their webpage here. 

Are you expecting a baby?

Before your baby arrives, we invite you to come to JPS to see our Labor & Delivery unit. Tours are available twice each month and are given in English and Spanish.

You'll see the OB Triage area where you will check in, delivery suites where your baby will be born and patient rooms where you and your loved ones will welcome your newborn. The tours are open to mothers and their support people. Call 817-702‐1060 to sign up.

JPS Health Network
1500 S. Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Men's Health
'Active Surveillance' of Prostate Cancer Doesn't Dampen Quality of Life...
SOURCE: Journal of Urology, news release, July 25, 2016

THURSDAY, July 28, 2016 -- Men with low-risk prostate cancer report a good quality of life after choosing active surveillance as a treatment for their disease, a new study finds.

Active surveillance for prostate cancer means a man chooses not to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, ...

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Cancer Experts Criticize Report on Rising Prostate Cancer Numbers...
SOURCES: July 20, 2016, news release, American Cancer Society, Atlanta; American Cancer Society website; Edward Schaeffer, M.D., Ph.D., chair, urology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago; Anthony D'Amico, M.D., Ph.D., chief, radiation oncology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston; July 19, 2016, Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases

THURSDAY, July 21, 2016 -- A headline-grabbing report earlier this week claimed that new cases of advanced prostate cancer in the United States had skyrocketed 72 percent in the past decade.

And the study authors from Northwestern University suggested the increase might be tied to a 201...

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Early Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Continue to Fall in U.S.: Study...
SOURCES: Ahmedin Jemal, D.V.M., Ph.D., vice president, surveillance and health services research program, American Cancer Society; Anthony D'Amico, M.D., Ph.D., chief, radiation oncology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston; Otis Brawley, M.D., chief medical officer, American Cancer Society; Aug. 18, 2016, JAMA Oncology, online

THURSDAY, Aug. 18, 2016 -- Diagnoses of early prostate cancer continue to decline in the United States, following the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation against routine screening for the disease, researchers report.

The screening involves a blood test that identifies lev...

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